Sunday, 5 February 2017

Reminders. (29-1-2017)

1-You don't have to struggle in silence. And when you decide not to. you don't have to go for the stranger. You don't have to fear being a burden, or a dead weight. Your friend will hold your hand and tell you you'll be okay. And you will be.
2- Growth is tough. It doesn't come with flowers behind it's back. It comes with ache, it comes with mourning. But just like a flower grows out of the dirt, you grow out of the darkness. You become more graceful with each heartache.
3- You're significant, no matter how big of a place the world feels for you, no matter how tiny, or how unobserved you think you are. Your worth doesn't lie in your achievements. Your worth lies in your big heart and your kind eyes. You worth lies in how much you keep trying even though it gets so heavy sometimes.
4- Your feelings are valid. If you sway between happy and sad three times a week, it's still valid. If you sway between happy and sad two times a day, it's still valid.
5- Vulnerability does not equal weakness, it doesn't equal fragile. Vulnerability is human. It's okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. It's okay to scream. It's okay to cry
6- You're not alone, and even though alone sometimes feels like the only thing you can ever be, it's not. And even if it closes down on you to the point of suffocation sometimes. Remember that somewhere, someone is reaching their hands out for you, someone is willing to talk you through your stormy nights, someone is willing to sit there and just listen to you while you lay your heart out. Just remember." 

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