Sunday, 5 February 2017


I used to think that heartbreak only came in the shape of a boyfriend breaking up with you,  but I learned the hard way that heartbreak knocks your door dressed up in all shapes. I learned the hard way that friend break your heart, too.  My heart broke when I overheard two people saying that homosexuals should be killed. My heart broke when my friend came crying her heart out to me about how much she's scared of going to hell, about how much she fears God, about how much she thinks of putting the razor to her skin but the only thing stopping her is the thought of hell., not hope, not the dream of things getting better, not love, hell. My heart breaks every time someone speaks about something that makes them feel alive with a low voice out of fear of being mocked. My heart breaks everyday because cruelness is considered the norm.  My heart breaks when kindness is enfolded in apologies for being "cheesy". My heart breaks and breaks at how we became fluent in the language of war and hate, at how the word peace rolls on our tongues like an empty promise. My heart breaks  I  also learned that heartbreaks aren't always terrible when I felt that ache in my chest while watching a sunset, I felt like my heart was breaking itself on purpose so maybe this time at least it could be broken for something beautiful and raw.

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