Sunday, 5 February 2017


I can’t shut up about you. I tried. I did. I tried to hold it in, I tried to distract myself, only to end up distracted by the thought of you, it’s haunting me. I wonder how you’re doing, how your days are, and if you ever think of me. 
Let me tell you dear, there were nights when I swear I could barely stop myself from calling you “I miss you. Stop this. I miss you so much.” Nights when the only thing I wanted was your voice seeping into my ear drums, stripping me of my worries, because God, dear, I worry too much! I think too much and I lose sleep, I just wish you knew how it’s like inside my head. I wish you could tell me that you got me, that I don’t need explanations, because you already know what I wanna tell. I wish you could hold my hand, shut me up for a while.
I miss you so much.
I know, I don’t write pretty, but I’d still write for you until I bleed all the words dry. You’re worth it.

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