Sunday, 5 February 2017


It’s 2:00 am. I miss you
It’s 3:00 am. I need to stop being pathetic.
It’s 4:00 am. I can’t sleep, I miss you.
It’s God knows when, but you’re here, yes, right in front of my eyes. You waved, a ghost of a smile appearing on your lips. I waved back, unconsciously; my mind was buzzing with questions, why are you here? And why are you waving at me? Unaware exactly of what I was doing, I stood up and moved in your direction. Who cares about the questions, you’re here, most importantly, looking right at me, like nothing ever happened between us.
God, you’re really here. We’re standing face to face. You’re saying something, but I can’t quite hear it, the noise in my brain is overriding your voice. The tip of your fingers just touched my hand.
My brain seems stunned into silence. Your fingers are dancing on my skin. My heart is going crazy, I think it might jump out of my chest. Your fingers have a way of touching my skin that makes me gasp for air sometime.
I don’t know for how long we stayed like this, you touching my hand, looking at me like you’ve finally come home after a long long journey, and me, not wanting you to ever stop.
I don’t know when you left, but I woke up next morning with traces of what happened yesterday, right on my skin, to realize to my utmost stupidity that it was just a dream. 
But I could have sworn it was real. 
I miss you, I don’t know when it’s gonna end. 

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