Sunday, 5 February 2017


I am sorry I am a flower with fangs for petals.
I am sorry I am a grenade, a ticking bomb you escaped from just a little too late.
I am sorry my words twist and turn in my mouth like deadly poison.
I am sorry I got daggers for hands and an iceberg for a heart.
I am sorry I swallowed you like quicksand when the tide is high.
I dragged you down instead of lifting you up.
I am sorry I am a flood that ruins and damages everything in its way.
I am sorry I was a scorching sun when you desperately needed shade.
I am sorry all I seem to utter from my mouth are I can'ts and I don't knows.
Darling, I am sorry I am a disaster of a person.
I am only a couple of metaphors stitched together with barelys and almosts.
Darling, it seems that people like me are only made for staying in the corners of abandoned bookstores and old movie theaters.
I am sorry I am a walking tragedy, and I am sorry you had to suffer me

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